Simple and secure payment handling.

HeyCentric’s easy to use payment system allows organisations to manage regular payments in a multitude of ways, including online web payments, automated telephone payments, ‘in person’ payments and agent assisted telephone payments.

This powerful suite of payment handling modules all feed into an optional Income Management component. This provides a highly effective overview of an organisation’s cash position and assists in both tactical and strategic decision making by giving a real-time view of the cash position at any given time. This combination of PCI DSS, PA-DSS and P2PE assured payment solutions combined with an industry leading back-office income management system is why organisations choose to use the power of HeyCentric.

Permanently changing the payment landscape.

Our talented team of business analysts, software developers, engineers and project managers have combined their experience in the payment and digital sector space to produce a product that was always needed; a payment provision and income management solution that is powerful enough for the needs of business users, intuitive and flexible enough for customers / citizens and delivered within a clearly defined budget that ensures vital financial resources are maximised to deliver front-line services to citizens and local businesses.

A ‘public sector first’ approach to the direction of the HeyCentric solution means that each and every Local Authority that choose to transact and manage their income on the HeyCentric platform choose to do so knowing that it has been specifically designed with their needs in mind. In addition to this, future enhancements all stem from feedback from the public sector user community, citizens and stakeholders that have a strong background in credit control and managing a wide range of diverse income streams for the products and services they provide.