HeyCentric Web Payments Solutions.

What are HeyCentric Web Payments Solutions?

HeyCentric works closely with organisations to provide the very best in class web payments applications designed to suit the needs of the business.

What are the Benefits?

  • Allows citizens to make payments easily and efficiently using the fully customisable HeyCentric web application.
  • A multitude of web payments modules to suit all scenarios provide seamless integration between the payment gateway and HeyCentric’s Income Management.
  • All web payments applications can also be deployed as stand-alone solutions and can interact with any third-party ERP / Income Management solution.
  • Recurring card payments application allows an organisation to collect repeat payments from their citizens.
  • HeyCentric forms builder allows organisations to create their own custom designed forms that integrate with HeyCentric seamlessly with no web development or integration knowledge required.
  • By utilising the very latest in two way system data exchange HeyCentric applications can easily integrate with other external applications.
  • Account viewer application allows citizens to view their account and pay invoices with ease.
  • All HeyCentric Web payments solutions are mobile responsive, utilising the very latest in mobile technology to facilitate ease of use.

All HeyCentric solutions meet the very highest PCI DSS Level 1 security & GDPR standard requirements.

Have any questions?

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