HeyCentric Face-to-Face Payments.

What are HeyCentric “Face-to-Face” Payment Solutions?

HeyCentric Receipting has been designed to provide the best possible options for an organisation and maximising their reach to citizens and businesses alike.  HeyCentric’s Face-to-Face solutions include the following features:

  • Face-to-face payments. Citizens and businesses can pay using cash, cheque, debit & credit card.
  • Full range of chip & pin devices available to suit an organisation’s needs.
  • Payments on the move with a range of pluggable card readers to suit your devices.
  • Support the latest contactless technology.
  • Card solutions cater for all major existing payment methods – ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, AndroidPay, FitbitPay & GarminPay.
  • All payment methods are fully integrated with the HeyCentric Receipting Application.

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