HeyCentric Business User Applications.

What are HeyCentric Business User Applications?

HeyCentric solutions are built using industry experience that spans the past 25 years. The HeyCentric team understands the daily challenges faced by organisations that need to receive, allocate, segregate and reconcile income in a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week never ending process.

HeyCentric specifically develops solutions that puts both the needs of the citizen and the needs of the organisation at the centre of everything it aims to assist with.

The marketplace demands automation and HeyCentric has developed an all-encompassing Income Management suite that finds the perfect balance between daily business user functions and automation.

Modules Include:

  • HeyCentric Receipting
  • HeyCentric Remote Office Returns
  • HeyCentric Transaction Management
  • HeyCentric Bank Reconciliation

Key benefits of the HeyCentric Business User Applications

  • The HeyCentric Receipting module allows the organisation custom configure how best to receive in person and customer not present payments. The very latest cutting-edge technology allows the HeyCentric applications to be deployed to business users with ease. The Receipting application can be deployed on mobile tablet devices allowing for “on the move” payments which is becoming an integral requirement for any business. Our in-built agent assisted telephony solutions also provide the organisation with added efficiencies while providing both the organisation and citizen enhanced security around card details.
  • Our HeyCentric Remote Office Returns (ROR) module allows business users record and bank income in a timely and efficient manner. This allows the business to have instant visibility over its remote sites that may take income on an ad hoc basis. ROR reduces labour intensive tasks and our innovate solutions include pluggable card devices that integrate with the HeyCentric ROR app seamlessly.
  • Overall transaction management is key for any business. Our Transaction Management module allows businesses allocate, re-allocate, reverse and refund payments that have been made to the organisation.
  • Bank Reconciliation is an integral part of any organisation. The HeyCentric Bank Reconciliation module provides the business with instant visibility and a clear position statement to ensure the bank account is in line with HeyCentric.

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