About HeyCentric.

HeyCentric was formed to reinvent the way Local Authorities deal with the key issue of cash management. Seeing a clear need for a modern, cost effective and streamlined cash management solution in the public sector space the HeyCentric team created the next generation cash management software that would assist Local Authorities in a way that had not been done before.

The outcome is a solution that not only includes Cash Management facilities (with a fantastic, accessible interface for both business users and citizens), but also includes a powerful ETL suite of tools that allow Local Authorities to release themselves from the expensive shackles of incumbent middleware solutions such as BizTalk, etc.

Meet the HeyCentric Team

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Ian Witts

With over 20 years’ experience working in and around Enterprise Systems, Ian traditionally specialises in high-technology environments and implementing systems that require extensive integrations. His previous roles in high technology environments give Ian a broad range of experiences to draw upon in his role as head of Security and Technical Solutions.

Ian’s formal education stems from his love of Information Technology, with his BSc and MSc degrees heavily centred around Business Information Systems and cutting-edge ways of delivering complex computing solutions. With a background in both Information Technology and finance, Ian can communicate with senior stakeholders across all disciplines at all levels, frequently bridging the age old ‘finance / IT divide’.

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David Barrett

David is no stranger to complex enterprise system delivery, having assisted heavily with his first system implementation at Oxford Life Sciences back in 2003. With a passion for technology and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the current technological landscape, David is the driving force behind the highly scalable, highly available systems that HeyCentric prides itself on delivering. He has worked with numerous companies to develop their technical strategy and (importantly) ensure that it is delivered.

His ability to simplify complex technical strategies and concepts enable David to keep all stakeholders well informed and is typically present when dealing with both the senior management team and the technical delivery teams.

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Gareth Ennis

Gareth is the founder of Blue Planet Software, having previously worked as lead Income Management consultant and design architect with Unit4 and Mentec International.

Gareth has 20 years’ experience in the design, support, implementation and product development of Income Management solutions. He has successfully designed, led and delivered one of the world’s largest Income Management implementations in the London Bi-Borough project. Gareth was born in Dublin and spends his time travelling between Ireland and the UK due to his involvement in the Income Management space. In his spare time he spends time with his family and loves running and football.

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Tom Behan

Tom is a chartered accountant and HeyCentric’s CFO. His role covers all things financial and legal but also the strategic development and direction of the company, its products and its services.

Tom has a 30+ year career in the software industry and was Finance Director of the company that originally developed the Unit4 Income Manager product set and subsequentially negotiated the sale of the IM software rights to Unit4 in 2011. Tom lives in the West of Ireland where he enjoys his hill walking, fishing and kayaking pursuits as well as being a keen amateur beekeeper, veg gardener and homebrewer.

Our mission is is to provide modern, powerful, cost effective income management solutions to local authorities, empowering them to make good financial and responsible social decisions, aiding the collection of income across their estates and delivering an inclusive and accessible way for citizens, local businesses and other interested parties to interact with them.

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HeyCentric Partners with QuickThink Cloud and BluePlanet Software to provide exceptional cash management solutions to the market.

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